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December 17

Honda Cross Road Arrives at Strong’s

This is the first Honda Crossroad that we have managed to get hold of for parts!

The Crossroad is an interesting vehicle with a really unique look, it’s powered by either a 140hp 1.8 or 150hp 2.0L engine and only comes in automatic however you can have the option of either a 2wd or 4wd version.

The Crossroad has room for seven passengers, two in the front, three in the middle and then there are two fold up seats in the rear cargo area so it’s a real utility vehicle.

The Honda Crossroad was made from 2007 and discontinued at the end of 2010, they are becoming a popular import into New Zealand.

So if you have a Crossroad or thinking about buying one then keep us in mind when ever you need any parts!

2007 Honda Crossroad 1.8

2007 Honda Crossroad 1.8

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