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October 4

This weeks Honda Parts Car Arrivals (04/10/18)

Here’s just some of the latest Honda parts cars that we have received this week, all of these cars will be carefully tested including the engines and transmissions, we also use a scanner to check the vehicles electrical parts.. after they have been checked they are carefully drained of oils and fluids and are then […]


October 6

Civit Type-R now Wrecking

We have received another Type-R Civic for parts, this one has had a rear accident but other than that it’s a really clean and well looked after car… Full Type-R 2.0l engine and 6-speed gearbox kit is available!


March 9

Strong Honda Civic at Silver Fern rally 2016

In 2016 Dave Strong entered his Honda Civic Type-R rally car in the Silver Fern rally.. Here’s some of the action that includes an interview with Dave Strong during the Rally


September 16

Get our App today!

Parts Connection now has a handy app that you can use to locate any Parts Connection member, free phone them and get links and updates to what’s happening and also special offers … go to the Apple app store or the Google play store and search for “Parts Connection NZ” and download it today! Please […]


August 24

Keep Your Eyes Open!

Lots of used parts companies simply take a part off a car and sell it, good idea?… NO! Let me put it this way, if you need to replace a part on your car you don’t want to do it again because you got a bargain that turned out to be a lemon! We’re not […]


August 16

Save Big when you buy an Alternator

Need to replace your alternator? Right now if you buy any new or used Honda alternator from us you only pay $75.00 +gst for ANY new FreeMax brand 12-volt maintenance free car battery that we have in stock, this could save you up to $100.00 off the normal retail battery price Down load this pdf […]


May 11

Need a battery for your Honda?

Sooner or later winter will be here and that usually means batteries that have just been ok during summer suddenly fail in the colder weather. There’s nothing worse than getting up on a cold morning, jumping in your Honda, turning the key…and… NOTHING happens! If you know your battery is getting a little worse for […]


May 3

2004 Honda Accord

Do you own a 2003 to 2007 Honda Accord? We specialise in parts for this really popular Honda model, we cover all the different models within the range and have parts for CL3, CL7, CL9, CM6 wagons and even the V6 versions available. Most of our Accord parts are from locally sourced damaged cars that […]


March 31

Excellence Award 2015!

Strong’s have just been awarded the 2015 5-Star Excellence award from Parts Trader New Zealand, this is a great achievement and is a reflection of our staff and Company’s dedication to supplying the Insurance vehicle repair industry with the highest level of service and parts!


March 15

Broken or cracked glass in your Honda?

If you have full car insurance you usually have free glass cover, that’s a good thing! But what do you do when you only have third party insurance or no insurance at all and you have a broken or cracked piece of glass in your Honda? How about giving us a call, we have hundreds […]

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