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November 12

How are car parts recycled in New Zealand

A common question we get at Strong Honda relates to peoples interest in the process for recycling car parts. Because of the interest we created an article that explains it.
Step  One.
The process of recycling car parts starts with end of life cars which are are received from the public via our car collection company or from insurance companies who have processed them and are now looking to regain some cash. The cars are brought to us for assessment which includes a test drive by us if possible. Once the car is assessed for its condition we go to step two. The cars range from just being broken down right through to being crashed as shown below.
Step Two
The battery and tyres are then removed and either sold as good or sent for the recycling centres that recycle tyres and batteries.
Step Three
All fluids and oils are carefully drained from the vehicle and sent to the various recycling facilities around Auckland. Some of the fluids such as engine oils can be fully  recycled and put back into engines. The bus companies typically use recycled diesel oil as example
Step Four.
The next part of the process is Car is entered into the computer system. The recycling car parts software at the Strong Honda Group then produces a list of parts required of the car and these are then checked as follows. All good parts that are on the car and on the list are removed and bar-coded. This is a time consuming task but needs to be done so stock is separated for our customer service team in the car wrecking division. Bar-coded parts go into special racking system ready for sale or exported overseas in 20-foot shipping containers.
Step Five
Once the above steps are completed the final assessment begins. What is left of the dismantled car is sent to our crusher and then onto a metal recycling plant to be made back into another car or something made of metal.
Recycling car parts is a very important part of keeping our beautiful country clean and safe and we thankyou for your support.
If you have an old vehicle that is not roadworthy then you may want to consider recycling it. We pay money for old cars.
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