Keep Your Eyes Open!

It may sound easy, buy a damaged car, take parts off and send them all over New Zealand…

Nope that’s not the hole process, from the time a Honda arrives in our yard until the dispatch of any parts there’s an amazing amount of time and energy that goes into inspection and validation of quality of every single Honda part that we sell.

Our cars are run tested, switches checked, electrics scanned for faults, suspension parts inspected and all sorts of other checks and tests that make sure that the Honda parts you buy from us are in tip top condition and are fit for purpose.

Just before parts are shipped out all around New Zealand a final inspection is made in our “Inspection area” as you can see from the photo below, everything is again checked and cleaned before being packaged and sent out to you..

We’re committed to supplying all of our customers with the highest quality recycled OEM Honda parts that we can, every time!

honda parts being inspected

Final parts inspection area prior to wrapping and delivery